What to Watch for When Playing Playtech’s Craps online

For gamblers, playing Craps online is nothing less than a blessing. Moreover, the user friendly interface, the quality graphics and the ability to share the table with players from all over the world feature of Playtech’s Craps online has made it a heaven for casino going players.

Before starting to play Craps online with Playtech, you need to understand a few things. Understanding and watching out for these things is necessary when it comes to having a better and as expected Craps online experience. The lines below give the major things you need to watch out for in order to get a better
Playtech Craps playing experience online.

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  • The first thing you need to remember is that there is a 5% commission that Playtech charges on every winning of either lay or buy bet. Therefore, when considering your winning remember that you have to pay the commission.
  • Secondly, 0.47% and 0.46% is the house edge on every ‘pass and come’ and ‘the don’t pass and the don’t come’ scenario. So while placing your bets remember these two factors as well.
  • Thirdly, what you need to remember is that in case of Playtech Casino‘s Crap’s game, you are not playing against players rather you are the bank. Therefore, you need to increase your level as the banks are quite smart compared to the players which might not be as good at it as you are.
  • The fourth thing you need to watch out for as a new player of the game is the odds. The odds are usually 4 to 1, but in case of Playtech it is 5 to 1 which works in the same way as does the 4:1, therefore, when joining the game don’t be overwhelmed with odds.
  • The fifth thing to remember is that the odds are based on the initial bet always without any relation to the amount that you can win from the game. Ergo, keep that in mind as well.

The aforementioned are some factors you need to watch out for when playing Playtech’s Craps online for the first time.